The story behind Classroom CEO

It’s amazing how time can change everything about a person’s life and how quickly it manages to do so. Last year I learned how just a few events can turn someone’s world upside down. My house burning completely down was probably the biggest change I experienced during this time. My family and I lost everything we owned except our cars and what was on our backs. I still remember the way the smoke smelled in my nostrils after going to look at the remains of our family home. 

This was not the only change I experienced though. My boyfriend of three years also left me and began dating girls I had considered my good friends merely two days after leaving me. This boy with whom I had shared my deepest secrets and most intimate desires began spreading lies about me and making sure that I felt totally worthless before leaving me behind. Everything changed for me including who my friends were, where I laid my head at night, and what my priorities were. Every day was about surviving. Every day was about not letting others see how far I had fallen. 

Fast forward a year later and my family and I are living comfortably in a condo that despite it’s smaller size we all surprisingly prefer to previous home, I have discovered what I want to do with my life (educate others about the world and how to make the most out of living in it), and I have the best bestfriend a girl could ask for. I knew that I had recovered from the fire when I was crowned Miss Northwest at my high school’s scholarship pageant. 

Now that I’ve recovered from my fall and picked myself up off the ground it is time for me to start climbing my way up. That’s what Classroom CEO is about. It’s not about re-building a life, but building an entirely new and better life on a foundation of love and forgiveness. I want you to take control of running your life as seriously as a CEO runs a company while constantly learning the lessons life has to offer you whether you are in a literal classroom, your own home, or a car traveling to another state. So grab a cup of five dollar coffee and a clipboard, and put a smile on your face. You are already beautiful and now we will make your life beautiful too.

 ImageThis is a photo from the inside of our last home after the fire

ImageAn old family Bible survived the fire and was found surrounded by rubble. It was truly an amazing find. 

ImageI am the one in the yellow gown. This is just moments after I was crowned Miss Northwest. 


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