How to Get In the Mood for Back to School!

Let’s not lie; aside from a few social butterflies or the super studious types very rarely are any of us actually excited to start waking up hours earlier to blaring alarms so that we can sit listening to a middle-aged man with a lisp drone on about theorems or taxonomy. So here are some tips to get more excited about sharpening pencils and pulling all-nighters:

1) Back to School Shopping!

What girl doesn’t love shopping even if it is for school? My favorite place to get school supplies is Target hands down! But, below I’ve linked a few school supplies related coupons or sales from various places (including those adorable hand sanitizer  holders that can clip on your Backpack, purse, or whatever from Bath and Body Works!)

Bath and Body Works Hand Sanitzer Holder Deal

Target Bookbag coupon

Some various coupons for places including Kohl’s, American Eagle, Old Navy, and more! 

2) Plan your first day back to school outfit and hair! 

For some outfit ideas I’m going to recommend myself here though that may seem a bit egotistical ; ) But go check out my style board on Pinterest for some school appropriate outfits! 

And for hair you should totally check out’s article and tutorial specifically for school hair

3) Plan some fun lunches you can pack! I love bento box inspired lunches like this one from

4) If you’re crafty do some fun DIY projects that involve school supplies like this fabric notebook cover (if you’re more crafty) or this cute pen DIY (if you’re less crafty like me)

5) Plan a Starbucks run in the morning or another special treat for yourself to look forward to and perk yourself up! 

If none of this works just picture your own personal cheer team following you around!

I hope you guys have an awesome first day of school 


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