Why I Read the News AND what apps/websites I Recommend for it

A couple days ago I went to a local meeting for the League of Women Voters for the first time. I was pretty nervous because 1) I only knew two other women that were going to be there and 2) Unbeknownst to anyone else in the meeting I myself have not registered to vote yet even though I am 18 which made me feel like a complete imposter. However, despite my nerves I decided to go so that I can start getting more involved in the community (particularly in politics). Most of these women were 45 or older so I was sure that I would have NOTHING to talk with them about. I mean they weren’t going to care about the latest episode of Pretty Little Liars or that my best friend ran into my ex at the mall and I don’t know anything about back pain or growing petunias. But I ended up having a great time AND I was able to sound well informed because I had read the news the night before and brought up North Carolina changing their voting laws. The only reason I had known this was because I’ve started reading the news before bed each night. At first I started doing it because I thought it would put me to sleep, but I ended up learning about politics, sports, space, etc. I’ve found that besides just improving how much I knew about a variety of subjects I can easily use what I read to converse with people that I may not have much in common with and I’ve started having better conversations that don’t have to deal with how bad someone’s hair looked or the weather outside during the day. Personally, I find the use of a couple apps the most useful to find out the news I want to know because I prefer reading, but I’ve also listed the news channel/website that I recommend for young adults that prefer a video format. 

My top four sources for news:

1) My favorite source above all others is Flipboard. It can combine news from your social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, etc) along with different news from multiple sources on the web you’ve indicated interest in (general news, tech, sports, etc.) One of my favorite parts of the app is the ability to create “magazines” where you can store different stories that you’ve read. If I run across a particularly interesting news story that has a hard statistic to remember or that I want to show someone I can sort it into an infinite amount of magazines of various topics that I’ve created. You can even follow magazines created by other people. 

2) My second favorite is Readability. It isn’t exactly news persay, but it does have a top reads section where you can find articles covering many subjects from different websites. Here, I usually come across useful information I can apply to my life or a tidbit to throw into conversation. It has information that is trending so therefore I count it into my daily news reading. 

3) The Guardian is a fairly typical way to find out news, but it’s been my favorite for years. It’s well organized, varied, and it never seems to try and “dumb down” any material for it’s viewers which I truly appreciate. This is a more replaceable source for the news if you already have a favorite site, but if you don’t have one I highly recommend you choose the Guardian.

4) If you prefer finding out the news from a video source, Current is coming out with an American news channel and you can access a lot of their news videos from the website until the channel starts running. Current is a great news source geared towards a younger audience. I feel that sometimes it can offer a one-sided view of things, but because they were recently bought by Aljazeera America so there is a possibility that will improve. 

5) My last source is an oldie, but a goodie. I’ve grown up listening to NPR in the car as my dad drove me to work and his love of getting the news this way has been passed down to me. They have high-quality articles that can cover broad issues such as global warming or very specific events (they once had an hour long segment on a small local band). Usually it’s hard for me to just sit and listen to something so I use NPR when I’m busy with more mindless activities like cleaning so that I can pay attention and not get to antsy.

I hope this article helps some of you find a way to connect and learn about the world and what’s going on around you! 


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